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When You Need A Record Of What Happened

Security cameras are ubiquitous in public places so why not at your home or business?

Technology has continued to evolve making video accessible to all homeowners and businesses.

At Summus our video solutions allow you to feel secure knowing that we’ve got eyes on both the inside and outside of your property.

Our clients start to look at video when they need an accurate record of what took place.

Our security video solutions allow us to reduce incidents of theft and burglary and more day to day challenges like workplace safety, accident reporting and staff management.

Security video provides a record that helps you to understand the history of the incident that you can’t get from an after the fact interview.

security video

Trust Summus For Your Security Video Needs

We start by learning about what you are trying to accomplish, then we create a plan. When dealing with security videos, high quality footage is the most important thing.

The type of equipment that is used, and also where it’s placed helps us deliver crystal clear, usable video.

We understand in rural environments that high-speed internet is not always readily available so we design the system that works the best at your location.

Our systems are robust and have backups that ensure your video is available to you when you need it. We integrate battery backups and surge protectors to make sure your system has industry leading up time.

For customers that subscribe to our video management service we provide system status monitoring, incident reports, video files on USB and more.

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You’ve Recorded Something Important. Now What?

Privacy legislation in Canada continues to evolve.

Once you’re recorded something of importance how can this video be shared? What about if the video contains images of minors? Can it be shared on Facebook? How about with local authorities?

Summus can help you navigate this complex world of privacy and rights to privacy to ensure your organization remains on the right side of the law.

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