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Access control is defined as the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.

When a mechanical key goes missing the entire site is at risk unless you rekey the entire building.

With an access control system the missing key is deleted and life carries on.

Access control lets you manage who has access to which parts of your building at what times and on what days. For instance we look after daycares that the parents can enter from 7:30 am to 5 pm but cannot enter the building after hours.

Access control creates an audit trail that tells you who entered at what time, so it’s great for large sites with dozens or hundreds of users.

It can be integrated with your security system so the key fob either lets the user in and automatically disarms the security system or doesn’t let them in at all, eliminating the need to remember codes for disarming a security system.

At first glance many people believe that creating access controls is a simple task, but it encompasses fire regulations, lock smithing, door installation and accessibility.

What happens in the event that the fire alarm goes off? Can everyone leave the building safely? Automatic doors must fit into the equation as well.

Summus builds solutions that work.

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    Video Doorbells

    Have you considered a video doorbell for your business?

    Due to the changing business environment it has become more important to have control over who enters your locations.

    This simple solution means your team can be at ease and also save labour costs associated with watching a door.

    Depending on your locking mechanism we may need to get a locksmith involved but the price of the hardware, software and installation starts under $1000 for most clients with no ongoing fees.

    “I would highly recommend Summus.”

    “They were quick, clean and friendly. The video doorbell was a great solution, we’re getting a lot of value from it!”

    Jason Yorke – Owner C&E Locksmiths

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