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At Summus we believe that in order to put our client’s security first, a real person should answer the phone every single time.

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We match the best hardware and software in the industry with your needs to create an elegant solution that works for you.

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Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained and are ready to serve your family or organization.

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We do business a little bit differently than the other players in the industry.
We run our business and create a culture by choosing to be the type of security company we would like to do business with.

– We have a live person answer the phone every time it rings.
– No gimmicks, tricks or fine print.
– You’ll never get a surprise bill.
– We don’t lock our clients into long term contracts.
– No forcing our customers to remain our customers if they are dissatisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a land line to have alarm services?

There are three communication methods for monitoring your alarm system. Although land line phones are the most reliable you can also use cellular radio and IP communication or WiFi. We encourage our clients to only use WiFi as a backup but can work with them to create a solution that works.

Something is beeping is it my alarm panel?

If your alarm system is beeping it will be coming directly from your alarm panel. If there is a problem with your system you can expect a Summus staff member to contact you shortly. When in doubt, pick up the phone and speak to one of our team members directly.

Why do your competitors want people to sign a long term contract?

Many of the other players in this industry work on high pressure sales tactics and long term contracts. They do this because they are often looking for the ability to sell your contract to a larger provider. That’s not how we do business. We believe that each and every day we work to earn our customers confidence. You are our customer for as long as you are happy with the service we provide.

What happens when my alarm goes off?

Signals are sent via phone, cellular or IP communicator to our station.

An operator at the station will call the site number we have on file to verify the alarm.

If a known user with a valid password answers the call and reports the alarm as accidental the process stops here.

If no one answers or the call is answered by someone who can not provide a valid password our operator will begin dispatch procedures. Generally this involves calling the Police Service with authority in the area and the keyholders listed on file. The call plan can be modified at the request of the client to call whomever they want in the order they want, depending on the alarms received.

The operator will call the keyholders we have on file in order they are listed until we reach a keyholder who agrees to attend the site.

The keyholder’s responsibility is not to apprehend a burglar. The keyholder assists the police in gaining access to the site, reporting damage and securing the site in the event a window or door has been damaged.

If your alarm goes off and you know it’s an accidental alarm get ready to answer the phone. By identifying yourself with a valid password you can cancel the alarm at that point and avoid unwanted dispatches.

Why does my alarm panel say low battery?

At Summus Security Inc. we replace all of our clients batteries for free. We don’t view a dead battery as a chance to charge you a service fee. We guarantee seamless security service and changing batteries is included in this. It’s also a great chance to connect with our clients and make sure that our services are still meeting their needs.

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