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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

About Us

Summus opened its doors in Brandon Manitoba on July 4th, 2000. For 6 years we operated just like alarm dealerships all across Canada. We installed alarms and sold the monitoring contracts to a large monitoring company and then were contracted to service those panels when they needed repair. Over that period we learned a lot about security equipment and even more about how customer service should work. It was painful to speak to a customer who had a small problem we could easily remedy but have to tell them that we couldn't attend to resolve the problem until they navigated the maze of customer service at a huge multinational company in order to generate a work order for us to attend. When a company tells its customers they must adapt to its protocols in order to get help what they are really saying is "you're an annoyance". That's not our attitude.

In 2006 we made a choice to do business differently. We decided to be the alarm company that we would like to do business with. We chose to make a few simple promises and keep them:

How Much?

We charge $25/mth for residential monitoring and that includes a lifetime warranty. It is not the lowest rate available. If paying $3 less and not having your calls answered or waiting months for a service call sounds like a bargain, you'd be happy elsewhere. We charge a rate that allows us to have the staff ready and waiting to take your call and service your alarm when you need it. We are not the most expensive. Some people pay double our rates and still don't get the level of service we provide. We take our warranty so seriously that we even change your batteries at no charge when they need it.

What's The Catch?

Many of our competitors give away "free" equipment but lock you into a long term contract. You could end up paying four times the value of the equipment over the lifetime of the contract and you'll be stuck paying it even if the alarm isn't working properly and they won't come out and service it. Some of them even hide in the fine print that you don't own the equipment and if you cancel they will remove it leaving you without an alarm and possibly with holes in your walls.

Here's What We Do

You pay what the equipment costs us to install. We don't make money off the alarm install but we break even.

You own the equipment. The day its paid for its yours forever more.

We ask for a one year commitment for monitoring. After that you are free to cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. We make a small profit off our monitoring rates every month. If we don't respond promptly and courteously to your service needs we will lose your business. This puts the catch on us. We have to keep our promises or we won't keep our customers.

We ask ourselves, why would a company that keeps its customers happy need to force them to sign a long term contract? We don't know, so we don't do it.