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Multi Camera Surveillance System

We provide alarm installation, monitoring and service.
If you'd like an alarm installed call us. If you have an alarm with the trouble light on and your alarm company hasn't called you to schedule service, call us and see how easy it can be to get the help you need.

We install and service security cameras.
Our systems are networked and available for off-site viewing 24hrs a day on a smartphone, tablet or computer via your Internet connection. If you're a do-it-yourself'er we aren't the place for you. We insist all of our equipment be installed professionally. The difference between having cameras and having a professional security video system installed is the difference between seeing a fuzzy shape walk out the door and identifying the person on the video. Its no small matter.

If you have a security need that doesn't seem to fit a standard label call us and tell us about it. We like puzzles.

We install, monitor, service and manage access control systems.
When mechanical keys go missing it can cost thousands of dollars to rekey a building. With access control we delete the electronic key from the system and carry on. Access controls create audit trails that let you see who arrived when and what time the building was vacated. Access controls allow for specific people to have access to specific areas at specific times. So maybe the cleaners have access on Thursdays between 6pm and midnight but can't access the building on weekends. You don't have to be a database expert to have an access control panel in your building. We can manage the users, add, delete and update keys all remotely. All you have to do is call or email us the changes.

Security Systems

We install, monitor and service security systems. We even offer a service where you receive a text message every time your alarm is armed or disarmed. Its great for restaurant owners who can't open and close up everyday and parents whose children come home from school to an empty house. As far as you're concerned you want your security system to work when you need it. That's what we deliver. From a live human answering every call to batteries changed for you at no extra charge when the time comes, we understand that you're not impressed by part numbers, techno babel and sales staff with logo'd running shoes. We focus on being prompt, courteous, meticulous and personable. If that's what your looking for give us a call.

Video Surveillance

We install, service and manage DVR and IP video systems. With our systems you can watch live or recorded video from you home computer, tablet or even your smart phone. You want to know who did what. We understand and it shows in our planning. We make sure that your video system catches overviews to see the "what" and has tighter shots at the traffic choke points to get you the face shot of the "who". We have 13 years' experience with multiple manufacturers equipment that's guided us to a singular principal: value is determined over the long run. When it comes to video equipment its not uncommon for a camera that's 30% more expensive to last twice as long as a cheaper model. We provide value.

Access Control

When a mechanical key goes missing the entire site is at risk unless you rekey the building. With an access control system the missing key is deleted and life carries on. Access control lets you manage who has access to which parts of your building at what times and on what days. For instance we look after daycares that the parents can enter from 7:30 am to 5 pm but cannot enter the building after hours. Access control creates an audit trail that tells you who entered at what time. Access control is great for large sites with dozens or hundreds of users. It can be integrated with your security system so the keyfob either lets the user in and automatically disarms the security system or doesn't let them in at all, eliminating the need to remember codes for disarming a security system. We build solutions that work.